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Time to give thanks.

I have been blessed to have been working with truely talented people.  These talented artists have so generously shared their creativity , time and skill with me.  I want to formally thank them for all they have contributed.

  Please contact me to enquire about any of the following artists .

     Models                                      Photographers


 Bianca Persechino                                           George salmon

   Olsini Perez                                                        Xong Hang

                             Jesselyn Gonzalez                                             Mark Melcnick          

                                Power Infinity 

              Supakan Kate Apiratanapimonchai 

                                  Aylen Suarez



     Make up Artists                                          Hair Stylists


           Monique McLaughlin                                                      Monique Mclaughlin

           Christie Marie Burton                                                      Amanda Lamacher

                   Yara Betin                                                                Christine Marie Burton

        Neierida Peteres- Padilla                                                            Chris Kiss

           Ileana Urquilla Sibrian                                                        Julie Teixeira



Javid Myint,  Gruppo Brand Management



​ Lina Teixeira

wearable art


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