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Born and raised in Montreal, Canada to Portugueese parents, Lina Teixeira  now resides in Dunedin ,Florida. She is a master in multi tasking. She is a busy mom of two, business owner , published author, special concepts director, and is a passionate Wearable Art Artist.  She loves turning the every day mundane in to beautiful forms of Wearable ART.   Lina's Wearable Art has been viewed on an international scale as well as being featured in Local News media and various Public forums. Her art has been featured at the Mahafey Theater and the Museum of Fine Arts , St Petersburg,  Her work has been consistently sought out by  fellow artists in the industry as well as media and private clients.  She recently started taking on private clients who commission her wearable art  for advertising, promoting, and branding She recently opened up her new studio, STUDIO 617, on 617 Cleveland St, Clearwater, Fl.   You may also follow her on Facebook,



​ Lina Teixeira

wearable art


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